We Motivate Sec 3/4 Chem Students To Be Confident, Happy Learners & Jump 4-6 Grades in 8 Months or Less

Achieve As without stacks of assessment books that just kills their interest - even if they're scoring poorly, careless, have no interest and have given up on Chemistry!

Free 1.5 hour live ONLINE chemistry masterclass
For Parents with Sec 3/4 Children taking Chemistry in 2021
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"I had a hard time understanding Chemistry before joining Bright Culture and was always failing. However after joining the class i was able to improve from D7 to an A1, as we built my foundations in Chemistry and break down each topic so that it is easier to understand. I now enjoy the subject a lot more than i did previously!"
Shyann Loh, D7 to A1 in 2020 O Level exams

In our FREE live online Masterclass, we will show you how 856+ students just like your child have jumped 4-6 grades to A1, A2 and B3 the STRESS FREE WAY!

What You Will Learn
  • The roadmap for students taking O Levels - the exact steps A1 students take for success!
  • The 2 reasons why students struggle when they go from lower sec to Sec 3/4
  • ​The exact steps our students take to ACE chemistry without stress.
  • ​​How MBA, Naans & A Hot Fat Cat can be used to get 5-8 more marks, instantly!
  • Learn how a "Thinking Routine" method for Structured Questions will help your child gain precious marks, even if they don't fully understand the chapter!
  • ​​LIVE DEMO – we will show you how your child can go from not knowing anything to solving some of the most DIFFICULT past year questions

About the Speaker: Mr. Lek was an ex-MOE Chemistry Subject Head and mentored other Chemistry teachers in their development. He was also an ex-RI & VJC student and obtained the PSC Scholarship. 

"Learning is so fun during tuition and Bright Culture makes it so easy to learn the various concepts. I have improved from a C5 to an A1 in 3 months. Thanks!"
- Zeng Hanyi, C5 to A1 - Sec 4 Student

Special Bonus For All Attendees!

  • Get our Free Sec 3 - 4 Chemistry Breakthrough Notes Package which will help your child save HOURS!
  • ​Energy Changes Cheat Sheet - The 2 diagrams you absolutely need
  • ​Haber Process Summary - Know the "Golden Equation" 
  • ​Air Pollutants Table - Easy to remember table of name, source and effects of the commonly tested pollutants
  • ​Worked Example of Bond Breaking and Bond Forming - step by step solution to simplify this equation that student often drop marks
  • ​See how you can get a FREE copy of an O level Chem assessment book, selling at Popular for $15.90!
  • ​Exclusive discount for our Chemistry lessons (these are our LOWEST prices ever!)

What Our Past Students Say About Us...

"... made chemistry fun and easy to understand. My child improved from a C6 to an A1 for O levels."

Sandra Law, C6 to A1

"...puts Chemistry in a way that is understandable to even the weakest of students. He helped me pull my grades up from a D7 to an A2."

Ryan He, D7 to A2

"...helped raised my grades from a F9(9 marks) to a B3 in O levels!"

Alexander Soo, F9 to B3

Do You Want Your Child To Score A1 For Chemistry?

Clara was a concerned parent just like many of you. Her daughter was getting 43 marks for her chemistry exams, even though she was reading her notes and assessment books.
She was worried that this one subject would affect her daughter’s final O Levels L1R5 points, and she won’t be able to get into her dream JC or Poly after the O levels. 
She heard all these horror stories from her colleagues about how one bad subject destroyed an entire L1R5 score, completely screwing up their JC or poly choices.

"I have sent all my 3 children to Bright Culture for their secondary school Chemistry tuition. All of them find the crash course and regular classes to be very relatable and engaging. My first two children scored A for their O levels and love Chemistry after attending Bright Culture." 
Mrs Yun, O-Level 2020 Parent

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