How Sec 1/2 Science Students Become Confident, Happy Learners & Jump 4-6 Grades in 5 Months or Less

 Ex-MOE Teacher Reveals The 5 Things Your Child Needs To Score A For Sec 1/2 Science In This Free 2 Hour Webinar For Both Parents & Students

Free 2 hour live Sec 1/2 Science ONLINE masterclass
For Parents with Sec 1/2 Children taking SCIENCE in 2021
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What You Will Learn
  • ​Learn how your child's Sec 1/2 science grade affects the choice of combined/pure sciences at Upper Sec, which affects their choices of Science subjects at JC & Poly and ultimately at university
  • The 5 things your child needs to do today to score A effortlessly in Science
  • The 3 main reasons why students struggle in Sec 1 / 2 Science, even though they score well in PSLE Science (Get an instant 3 grade boost once you understand why!)
  • Why it's easy to score for Science in Sec 1 / 2 (Hint: teachers in school can't set papers that are too difficult as they need to differentiate between Pure & Combined Science students)
  • The "White Rice" example that links Biology, Physics & Chemistry together in Lower Sec Science & achieve breakthrough understanding!
  • ​How to always answer any exam question perfectly and not get "tricked" by examiners! 

About the Speaker: Ms. Bernice is the Academic Director of Bright Culture and was an ex-MOE teacher who has developed a powerful program to help Sec 1 / 2 students make massive improvements in Science.
Ms Bernice was an ex-MOE scholar and spent 9+ years in MOE schools and was in charge of her school’s teaching and learning of Chemistry. She mentored other Chemistry teachers to improve their lesson delivery and students’ learning and was also responsible for the professional development of fellow teachers.

"Learning is so fun during tuition and Bright Culture makes it so easy to learn the various concepts. I have improved from a C5 to an A1 in 3 months. Thanks!"
- Zeng Hanyi, C5 to A1 - Sec 4 Student
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