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Hi Parents!

I'm Ms. Bernice and when I was in school, I scored poorly for Chemistry even though I spent hours every day memorising the textbook and practising assessment books… 

I started “stress eating” and my weight ballooned to 90kg! 
My social life suffered as my friends shunned me when I kept bothering them with questions. 
This led me to create a unique blueprint to learn Chemistry. To break it down into simple concepts, show the link between chapters and use correct exam techniques to analyse & answer questions. 
With this blueprint, students will finally stop dropping easy marks, understand the concepts better and score higher marks!
Your child can jump 3-5 grades in a very short period of time with this blueprint. Many of our students were scoring C6 to F9 and ended up making massive improvements for the O Levels.
They’ll start improving which will make them feel motivated to study even more, creating a positive cycle!

Now, I want to share this with your child, so they can also succeed in the O Levels.

Sec 3/4 Chemistry Holiday Program - Complete Coverage:
Choose from 12 modules Up to 12 modules like Chemical Bonding, Mole Concept, Acids & Bases & Salts, and Organic Chemistry that are sure to be tested in O Levels!
NEA Approved Chemistry Lab for hands-on sessions (Titration, QA etc). Students always neglect this portion so this separates the A1s, A2s and the rest.

Pro Techniques & Shortcuts to score maximum marks for Mole Concepts, Metals and other topics SURE to come out for the exams! 
Put these lessons into practice when our tutors go through every question and answer patiently to ensure all students grasp the concepts!
Specially formulated program Specially curated questions, cheat sheets and materials to cut short learning time (Save hours with this!)
Secret Summary Notes and Mindmaps NOT taught in schools. We even have our own full colour textbook!

Step-By-Step Topical Notes to tackle common O Level challenging questions

Concise Topical Worksheets for you to Ace the O Levels  
Quality Questions that effectively re-enforces concepts 
Different Types Of Exam Questions tested for mole concept, acids bases and salts, qualitative analysis and more to ensure students practice the correct questions and learn answering techniques
"I have sent all my 3 children to Bright Culture for their secondary school Chemistry tuition. All of them find the crash course and regular classes to be very relatable and engaging. My first two children scored A for their O levels and love Chemistry after attending Bright Culture." 
Mrs Yun, O-Level 2020 Parent
Before I joined Bright Culture, I hated Chemistry so much. My hopes for Chemistry were little to none as I did not understand a single concept of almost every chapter in Chemistry. However, now I feel more confident. Bright Culture has great experienced teachers that are passionate in teaching their students on the most efficient way of scoring for Chemistry.
Justin Hor, Sec 3 Student in 2020
Core Lesson Modules
3 hours each
from $110 $130
- $130 per module if you choose 1-4 modules 
- $120 per module if you choose 5-9 modules
- $110 per module if you choose >10 modules
- $30 materials fee waived if you choose >5 modules
- Go through the important concepts for each chapter
- Learn the answering techniques required 
- Practice the important questions to test student's knowledge

Practice modules
2 hours each
from $50 $60
- $60 per module if you choose 1-4 modules
- $55 per module if you choose 5-9 modules
- $50 per module if you choose >10 modules
- Intensive practice session
- Practice carefully selected questions to revise the concepts taught during the morning session
- Get familiar with the key concepts through repeated practice
Online Zoom Lessons

10% discount
- Get a 10% discount when you choose to attend online lessons
- Attend from the comfort of home

Chemistry Practical 
2 hours
$200 per session
- Experiment 1: Titration
- Experiment 2: Qualitative Analysis
- $30 consumables fee
- Students will get to perform the actual experiment in our NEA approved Chemistry lab

Why Join Our Chemistry Crash Course?
The Start of Real Breakthrough in Chemistry
Our students always say...
that after struggling for many tests and exams, they finally achieved real breakthrough in their grades after attending our lessons.
It was the first step in their journey towards A1.
Online Learning Portal
We want your child... 
to be able to rewind and rewatch different lessons so they can learn at their pace.

"One aspect I particularly appreciated was that they gave out a cheat book with colourfully decorated pages containing all the important concepts from each topic at the beginning of the year, it allowed me to have a reference anytime I needed and a concise book to turn to for revision."
Cherie, Sec 4 Student in 2021


Laura Neo
From F9 to A1
“I was initially failing ALL my Chem tests, but after attending thes, it helped me learn many new techniques to tackle the different questions easily.

Super blown away by many techniques learnt in your lesson which I've never learnt about in school, and supercharged my confidence when doing Chem and got me an A1 during O-Levels!

Bryan Tan
Private Student Who Started 2 Months Before O Levels. 
A1 For Chemistry!
"After joining, I finally understood why how Chem works. This is the perfect place to build my confidence in Chem.

The lessons were super detailed but at the same time easy to catch, so I learnt a lot in less than 1 month! Without attending Bright Culture, my A1 would have been impossible

Cassandra Seet
From C6 to A1
“2 months away to O Levels, and I was still getting C6s for Chem. O's were coming and I was about to give up, but attending the workshop changed my perspective completely!

I found the sessions especially useful to understand every chapter of Chem better... and the best part is they were followed by numerous questions to practice.

This has helped me understand critical concepts much better, which allowed me to make great progress and getting A1 for Chem; something I definitely couldn't have done without attending Bright Culture!
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Frequently Asked Questions
Who should attend this Chemistry Crash Course?
Students scoring B4 to F9 for their Chemistry tests and exams and want to make massive improvements need to attend this crash course.
 My child is currently struggling with Sec 3/4 Chemistry, will he/she find it difficult to catch up?
There is a proven system and method with step-by-step breakdown and shortcuts throughout our entire lessons over the year.

If your child attends lesson with an open mind and have a good learning attitude, he/she will quickly make sense of the concepts and it gets easier once they get the hang of it. 

In fact, for majority of the struggling students, the workshop was their turning point to achieve real breakthrough in their grades
 It’s just months to the O-Level exams and my child is not doing well for Chem. Can this workshop really help to transform his/her results?
Yes, I am confident that you can see real transformation in results.

Poor results are often caused by poor concepts and not knowing how to apply the right techniques.

By imparting students with clear concepts, proper techniques and compressing what they have to learn, many students leave the our lessons with clarity and motivation!

Countless students have jumped between 3-5 grades!
 What makes our tuition centre different from other Chemistry tuition programmes/private tuition?
We are one of the few MOE registered centres in Singapore that specialize in Chemistry. We only have O & A Level chemistry lessons!

With our tried and tested Learn F.A.S.T framework, our students fully engage with the subject and gain in confidence. 
 What if my child doesn't like the first session?
If you're not satisfied in anyway at all after the first session, you will get a FULL REFUND.
  If my child misses a session, will there be a make-up session?
We have recorded videos of our lessons.This is one benefit of attending lessons at a tuition centre that specializes in Chemistry

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